Truly enjoyed reading your comment, DL Nemeril.

So much wisdom in there, and thanks so much for sharing them.

As for how I’m a headache myself, I think most of it can be attributed to my tendency to take lightly what others deem serious. This introduces a lot of unwanted eye rolls and stuff, and every so often, I get accused as having no respect for what others are feeling.

Another reason is my tendency to engage in deeply philosophical conversations about life, self, and meaning. Again, I get accused for showing little interest in what others are saying.

Turns out, no one wants to engage in a conversation about their ego, or reply to a text where some weird guy is asking them what the purpose of a tree is for that matter. 😅

But again, thanks a lot for reading and for your comment. 😊

Team Leader @ One&Only Resorts | Ultra-runner | Writing about entrepreneurship, leadership, philosophy, and life ⟶

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