So, You Call Yourself a Writer

Let me see if I can quickly paint an accurate picture of your writing process

Nine and a quarter sentence into your high-spirited typing frenzy, a neural entanglement sets in, throwing you and your thought processes into a state of cognitive lethargy.

The ideas begin to vaporize, and nineteen seconds later, your mind is at a state of total nothingness.

Now What

Congratulations — You Have Arrived

You are now at that sweet spot — a mysterious neighborhood called the ‘writer’s block,’ — where anyone who has ever tried to write anything of substance has found or are still finding themselves in from time to time.

It’s Time for War

Cut-off from your creative juices, you turn to brute force, seeking to exert your mind into an ‘aha’ moment.

  • You look up and try ridiculously hard not to blink hoping that you can star (ceiling) gaze an idea into your head that way.
  • You fidget with the keyboard and start typing blissful nonsense to lure The Muse back.
  • You start swiveling in your chair hoping that amid the dizzying rush, an idea will pop into your head and rekindle your thought processes.

Hello, Time Suck

Unable to make any headway with your writing, you resort to idling away your time, yearning for a spark.

Try These Instead

Instead of wasting valuable hours trying to exert yourself into writing something, know when to change your tactics, incubate your ideas, and refresh your mind.

  • Take a long, warm shower. A long, warm shower is a fantastic way to surface those ideas burrowed deep in your subconscious. The moment the water starts to run, it distracts you from the ideas you are trying so hard to summon in the first place and puts you into a relaxed state of mind. This, along with the influx of dopamine, helps your mind to wander as it registers all those ideas and insights that were being elusive to you when you tried to be too hard on yourself earlier.
  • Take a coffee nap. Sometimes the reason behind your creative slump is that your mind is tired and needs a little boost. One of the ways you can do that is by taking a coffee nap where you down an espresso and sleep (or if that’s not possible, pretend-sleep with your eyes closed) for about twenty minutes. As you are sleeping, the caffeine goes through your gastrointestinal tracts and enters your bloodstream. By the time you wake up, it will have just started to hit your brain, making you feel more alert, focused, and rested.

Team Leader @ One&Only Resorts | Ultra-runner | Writing about entrepreneurship, leadership, philosophy, and life ⟶

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