Hello Zach. Thanks for reading.

Your question is remarkably interesting, and I have spent some time to think about it, but so far, I cannot quite put my finger on the exact mechanism.

But I believe it might have something to with my tendency to think of things descriptively instead of seeing them for its face value. For instance, a beautiful baby instead of just baby, and a turquoise blue instead of just blue.

I also think that taking notice of things, and how they complement with other things in the near surroundings also helps when you try to muse and ruminate on the nature of things — which I think is a major theme in all poetry.

This poem was the product of me trying to describe what I saw, felt, heard, and experienced during a run when I was in my island one early morning. 😊

I know this doesn’t exactly answer your question, but I truly hope it helps.

Once again, thanks for reading.

Team Leader @ One&Only Resorts | Ultra-runner | Writing about entrepreneurship, leadership, philosophy, and life ⟶ linktr.ee/athifibrahim

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