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  • Rob Walker

    Rob Walker

    Author The Art of Noticing. Related newsletter at https://robwalker.substack.com

  • Ahmed Riyazi Mohamed

    Ahmed Riyazi Mohamed

    Co-Founder @ sparkhub.mv, Product Lead @ lottiefiles.com. Passionate about all things Product, Tech, Entrepreneurship, and Startups. blog : daadi.org

  • Geek Pie - keep it dusty!

    Geek Pie - keep it dusty!

    “It’s been out for three weeks in Japan. Where’s yours?”

  • Nadia Lelutiu

    Nadia Lelutiu

    Science, psychology, personal growth. Helpful humanist. MSc (Neuroscience/Psychology), MBA www.badassbeautiful.com

  • Bassel Atallah

    Bassel Atallah

  • Robert Ramos Jr.

    Robert Ramos Jr.

    Self-taught software developer (Still learning) and game designer. Doing my utmost to add value to those around me, while continuing to grow along the way.

  • Karen Bartik

    Karen Bartik

  • Joe Ramsey

    Joe Ramsey

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