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Athif Ibrahim
Team Leader @ One&Only Resorts | Ultra-runner | Writing about entrepreneurship, leadership, philosophy, and life ⟶
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In and out of the workplace, we are unrelenting in our criticism of other people. We hasten to pass judgment on their lives, their state of mind, and their on and off the job performance, not having the slightest clue about what they are going through or the inner demons they are trying to silence.

But when it comes to giving a simple kudos, well-earned praise, or even a mere smile, we can be pretty stingy.

We hold onto our praises, judge people on their worst days, and mistake them for who they really are while expecting for ourselves the…

Let me see if I can quickly paint an accurate picture of your writing process

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You are in your ideal workspace.

And it’s set to perfection. The lights, the heat, the ambient noise, the smell — everything is exactly how it should be.

Listening to some binaural beats or some instrumental jazz or some baroque music on your headphones, you are ready to get some serious writing done.

There is an idea in your head, and it’s crying to be released.

You sit down, take a deep breath, and start typing away as fast as you can because you are going berserk just by keeping those ideas in your head. …

A poem about how we have stigmatized the very existence of our egos’

A person in a red jumpsuit wearing an anonymous mask.
A person in a red jumpsuit wearing an anonymous mask.
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I have it.
You have it.
Everyone has it.

Everyone loathes it.
Everyone vilifies it.
But no one admits to having it.
We tend to deny it — myself included.

I have it in plenty,
Yet I deny it fervently.
Hiding behind the mask of virtue,
I try to trick the masses,
and along with it,
my own conscience.

But in the middle of such trickery,
though it may be rare,
I begin to wonder. Why?

Why is that we deny it?
Why do we find shame in it?
And try to distance ourselves from it when
it’s also something that makes…

A poem about writing as a means of catharsis

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Write, dear stranger.

Even if it breaks your heart,
especially if it breaks your heart.
Even if it makes you cringe,
especially if it makes you cringe.

And never stop.
Or give in.
Or give up.

Because it is through that catharsis —
the catharsis of writing about it,
about life, love, loss,
your loftiest dreams,
and your darkest secrets,
the adventures that had you bedazzled,
and the misadventures that don’t quite make sense,
and the role you are playing in it,
in life, in love, through loss…
that you truly begin to appreciate
what a privilege it is,
to be the mess that you are,
in the…

You are a mashup of everything that’s happening to you

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You might not be Jose and he might not be real, but you are human — and as far as the metaphysics are concerned, pretty darn real.

You might not have a depression-induced eating disorder, but you might be going through something of a similar nature.

You might not be going through the bereavement of a dead spouse, but you might be living through an existential crisis from which you see no way out, no meaning, no hope.

But if you are going through any of these things in your life — and I’m sure you are — I’m writing…

Maybe don’t go around being a grammar police the first time you say hi, will you?

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Since I’m taking Tom Kuegler’s Medium Mastery course, I’m also on their Slack channel.

It’s a community where you’ll find writers like me who just embarked on their writing journeys and more seasoned writers like Jack Heimbigner who has more or less figured out their writer’s voice and has mastered their craft down to a science.

The Background Story

Two days ago, Jack shared his newest article — How to Be Content Without Growing Complacent — on the channel with a rare, and very bold description that said, “Published with Mind Cafe, pending curation.”

Pending curation? …

But you can do these things instead (and it’ll cost you almost nothing)

Two girls playing around with confetti.
Two girls playing around with confetti.
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I recently came across an interesting article about a CEO who made $1.6 million in the stock market and gave it all to his “non-highly compensated” employees.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 economy — and any time in the fiscal reality, really — this is a magnanimous thing for any founder CEO or company to do.

Despite the circumstances that inspired the CEO to consider giving his employees such a financial gift, it is a roaring example of an employee-first leadership.

A Little Advice

Now, much as you would like it to be so, most of you will not be able to…

Ants might be our answer to greatness

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The lush countryside. The flowering plants. The chirping birds. The changing seasons. The earth. The sun. The moon. The universe. The cosmos. All creations animate and inanimate.

All that beauty and all that wonder and yet, whenever I ponder upon nature, it takes me on a trip down the memory lane. To my elementary school days, where I began to read and write.

Or where I still struggled to, according to my mother.

Bad Nature

I was sold on the notion that life is a cruel reality and what it represents is a vicious cycle.

An interminable gyration where the angry-looking bird…

An unpublished note from two years ago shows just how much

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“So, did you run today?”

Whether I see them on my way from work, or sit down with them for dinner, or meet them at the coffee shop, that’s the first thing most of my colleagues greet me with.

And I’m not complaining.

As a guy who runs, I find that a delightful conversation starter.

My Usual Reply

Usually — at least since September 2017 — I will reply in the affirmative most of the time I get asked that question.

I will say that I ran so and so kilometers, invite them to join me sometimes, and go about on our ways…

And I genuinely believe what I see in you is potential

A picture of a sprout growing out of dry land or concrete.
A picture of a sprout growing out of dry land or concrete.
Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

I have been writing on Medium since May thirteen now, and I just got curated in relationship and self in the article below.

It is an article where I argue that it might be better for you to love and embrace those who disagree with you than to hate them or resent them or to try and shoo them away.

This marks an exciting milestone for me, and I thought of sharing my journey in the hopes that it gives you some strategies and encouragement if you are new to the platform or find yourself in the curation purgatory.

#1. It Took Me Thirteen Posts Before Getting Curated


Athif Ibrahim

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